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Disaster Planning / Response


When disaster strikes, time is critical. How will you meet the challenge? BELFOR is the global leader in restoration and reconstruction services. Our expertise comes from more than 70 years of successfully completed projects in virtually every area of property repair. More than 150 full-service offices throughout North American are always ready 24/7 to provide comprehensive, rapid response to mitigate property damage and get operations back on track quickly. Time is your biggest enemy.Every minute after water or smoke has infiltrated, corrosion begins degrading metals, paper and building components. With fast emergency intervention to stabilize the environment, your facility and mission-critical equipment may be saved and quickly restored, keeping business disruption to a minimum. Not familiar with our industry or our capabilities? Most people aren't unless they've experienced a major loss in the past. However, pre-positioning a restoration company in your disaster plan can mean the difference between a short disruption and protracted downtime during total reconstruction or lengthy lead-times for replacement equipment. Contact us today to discuss how to pre-register with BELFOR.