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Nachurs Alpine Solutions has been a leader in manufacturing high quality liquid solutions since 1946. Today, Nachurs Alpine Solutions Industrial (NASi) offers both solid and liquid anti-icing and de-icing products. There is no one size fits all and no two airport needs are identical. NASi is committed to providing products and services that enable airport operators to balance performance, economics, environmental impact, and asset protection. Our solutions are formulated with pure raw materials and inhibitors. This means they are non-corrosive, easy to store, and ready to use with low heavy metals and few impurities. NASi sales, technical, and customer service staff work one-on-one with our clients, ensuring our products arrive on time to the exact required specifications. Our reputation is built by providing premium products, high tech distribution, and superior customer and technical support for our customers.
NASi has six manufacturing facilities in North America:
Marion, OH USA (Corporate Headquarters)
Corydon, IN USA
Red Oak, IA USA
St. Gabriel, LA USA
New Hamburg, Ontario Canada
Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan Canada