LAS-USA and Deicing Systems and Solutions, the leader in automated aviation fluid management provides integrated hardware/software solutions and services for managing aviation fuels and deicing fluids. From receipt into bulk storage through to dispensing at the aircraft LAS provides complete automated accounting of your mission critical fluids. LAS-USA is based in the United States and operates throughout North America and the Caribbean.

Fuel Truck Fuel Management Systems - Avtrol™ - significantly improve customer service, management efficiency and accuracy of your aviation fuel movements by automating meter readings and associated data at the fuel truck and farm. Avtrol™ provides data directly from your truck to the office fuel/glycol inventory management software (Opti-MIM). Opti-MIM software provides real-time inventory reconciliation, truck sheets and detailed reporting on all your fuel movements and associated POS information. Data transmission from the truck to office system is encrypted and can include the credit card numbers. Fuel transaction data is exported directly to your office management information, accounting and line management systems enabling automatic invoicing and credit card processing. In addition the Avtrol™ can provide the following:

Monitor, record, control Prist injection
Monitor live onboard levels
Capture differential and nozzle pressure along with max flow rate
Interfaces to virtually all accounting and FBO management software packages

Fuel Farm Operations LAS-USA provides complete fuel farm automation and inventory management. Receipt meters and level gauges assure accurate verification of fuels received into the fuel farm. Monitoring of tank levels provides automatic reorder points as well as positive control of your inventory. Load computers with vehicle and driver ID scanners insure only authorized drivers and vehicles receive only the proper fuel. Load computers capture all meter movement totals along with driver and vehicle ID, time and date stamp the movement. Wireless or hardwire connections to the office software Opti-MIM provides all departments with accurate and timely data to manage your operations.

LAS-USA provides system analysis, consulting, design, installation, startup, training and annual support for all systems.

Deicing Systems and Solutions offers experienced support to assist airlines and airports in finding and implementing the best possible solutions for their deicing needs. With our GlycolPro blending products, glycol and water are blended to either a 50/50 blend or to temperature on site, which reduces transportation costs, at least doubles your on site storage capacity, and can eliminate glycol waste. Our systems are in place with satisfied customers and airports all over North America.

Deicing Systems and Solutions manufactures the most innovative deicing products and solutions on the market today. Our glycol blending systems can save money and time during the most serious winter events. Deicing Systems and Solutions can provide fast and efficient response to your aircraft deicing needs anywhere in the world. DSS offers Full Service Aircraft De-Icing Fluid Management. With the ability to provide mobile or permanent blending stations, reclaiming processes, any pumping or tank needs, we offer complete turn key services.

DSSs unique GlycolPro and GlycolPro Jr. are the most efficient and economical glycol blending systems on the market. These systems are totally self-contained and only require a glycol source and a water source to operate. By blending glycol and water on site to temperature, the DSS GlycolPro system minimizes the use of glycol while maximizing performance.

DSS also provides total glycol accountability. DSS can provide a glycol inventory management system that will automatically verify receipt of glycol into your glycol farm, monitor tank levels and set reorder points, authorize, control and measure the loading of glycol onto the deicing trucks, track the dispensing of deicing fluid to the skin of the aircraft. The system will capture all data required for the deicing of the aircraft and send the data wirelessly from the truck computer to the Glycol Management software (Opti-MIM). Opti-MIM will provide detailed reporting on the volumes pumped by truck, tail number, airline, geographic zone, fluid type, and export these records to third party accounting systems. You glycol inventory control, invoicing, and EPA reporting can now be managed with a few key strokes.
DSS provides system analysis, consulting, design, project management, installation, startup, training, and annual support of all our systems. If you are looking for real and viable ways to better manage your deicing fluids and are looking for ways to improve your bottom line DSS engineers are eager to work with you to develop a solution that best meets your needs.

From pipeline to flight line to bottom line, every drop counts.