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Ascent Technology provides powerful resource allocation, workforce optimization, and workforce management solutions that determine which resources you need, when you need them, and where you need them, so you have the right resources in the right places at the right times at the right cost to operate efficiently and effectively.

Ascent Technology solutions create the best plans to meet your forecasted demand. They turn plans into actions by deploying your human and physical resources in real time in response to actual conditions while mimizing delays, costs, and unnecessary work. Ascent Technology solutions not only detect potential problems that could disrupt your future operations, but also recommend, in real time, the best operational responses to potential problems.

Ascent Technology solutions handle complex operating environments and dynamic resource demands, which is essential when unforeseen situations and unavoidable disruptions require immediate response.

Ascent Technology's SmartAirport and SmartAirline solutions enable you to plan, manage, and deploy airport and airline resources to greatest advantage, so you can handle your flights and accommodate passengers and customers efficiently and cost-effectively.

You can rely on Ascent Technology to deliver solutions you can trust 100% of the time.