Airport Systems Integration Solutions

Airport Systems Integration Solutions from Rockwell Collins (ARINC)

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Seamless systems integration for optimal operations

When airport systems share data and infrastructure, overall operations become more efficient and cost-effective. We provide the expertise, industry knowledge and comprehensive services to build robust, flexible and reliable architectures.

IT optimization from door to door

With passenger traffic consistently growing 5% a year worldwide, airports of all sizes are growing more and more crowded. At existing terminals and new airports alike, the need for innovative IT solutions that keep people moving and operations flowing has never been greater. Rockwell Collins’ ARINC systems integration solutions are designed to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and reliability from legacy and state of the art architecture, at every critical touch-point, and from door to door.

From the next generation of common use to dynamic cloud solutions, airport-wide connectivity to the value-added applications and data integration of our industry-leading air-to-ground network, to game-changing, seamless self-service and biometric facilitation from check-in to boarding, our capabilities help airports evolve to meet their greatest needs in an ever-evolving industry.

Evolution of common use

The next generation of our common use platform enables flexible deployment of services based on industry-standard interfaces and incorporates cloud, mobile and self-serve technology along with desktop applications.

Airport operations

Our state-of-the-art airport operations solutions are modular with economies of scale when combined, but can be sold independently, can be local or hosted, feature integrated billing systems, can be managed across multiple airports, and provide support for non-aviation commercial aspects of IT infrastructure.

Passenger facilitation

Our passenger facilitation solutions deliver end-to-end identity management, enabling implementation of biometric authentication without changing departure control systems, and allowing biometric technology to be integrated at check-in, bag drop, kiosks, airside access control, and boarding gates.


As a virtual network operator with connections to over 700 airlines and air transport industry companies, we provide airports robust, secure connectivity for all their needs, including mobile applications, high-volume data transfer, and increasing bandwidth.

Managed services

As a leader in protecting and supporting critical IT infrastructure, we help improve equipment reliability, minimize downtime, and enhance overall operations, leveraging the significant advantage of having in-house knowledge and training on the very equipment we support.


With solutions at half of the highest-rated and largest airports in the world, 25 years of expertise in airport systems integration, and 85 years in the aviation industry, Rockwell Collins’ ARINC airports solutions are proven and trusted throughout the industry for delivering the highest levels of reliability and flexibility.

Integrated systems
Passenger processing
Check-in (CUPPS)
Self-service kiosks (CUSS)
Self-bag drop
Passenger facilitation
Passenger management and tracking
Automated border control
Cloud operations

Airport operations
Airport operational database (AODB)
Resource management systems (RMS)
Flight information displays (FIDS)
Baggage systems
Business intelligence
Security systems
Cloud operations

Airport connectivity
Network management
Campus LAN
Gate link

Managed services
IT systems maintenance
24/7 ITIL service desk


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