Color-Safe® Durable MMA Airfield Markings

Color-Safe® Durable MMA Airfield Markings from Transpo Industries, Inc.

Company Profile
Transpo Industries Color-Safe® is a methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin system used to produce the most durable, cost effective, high definition color airfield markings on the market today. Color-Safe® Durable Airfield Markings are user-friendly, have excellent color retention and will strongly adhere to asphalt and concrete surfaces. With the addition of glass beads or skid-resistant aggregate, this innovative product can be easily modified to suit the specific marking needs of any airfield.

Color-Safe® conforms to FAA regulations for taxiway and runway markings: AC 150/5370-10G - Standards for Specifying Construction of Airport.

Features and Advantages
• Excellent Color Retention and Long Life
• Easy Application, No Special Equipment Required
• Full and Fast Cure in a Wide Range of Temperatures (40°-100° F)
• Strong Adhesion to Concrete and Asphalt Surfaces

If you are you ready to move on from waterborne paint and thermoplastic to a more durable airfield marking material then please call us about Color-Safe® MMA markings.
Color-Safe® markings are available in Standard and Custom Colors including White, Red, Yellow, Black, and Pink. You can enhance the conspicuity of the markings by adding glass beads to the Color-Safe surface.


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