The advantages of the SH8000 are very significant for both the highway industry and for airports. For the highway industry, the 28”, double blasting head offers 2 primary advantages. The first is for the simultaneous removal of parallel lines. By positioning the blasting heads in a side-by-side configuration, parallel lines are removed in a single pass with a single operator. Before introducing our double blasting head, this required the use of multiple machines and operators. Now, with the SH8000, parallel lines are removed quickly and with simultaneous vacuum recovery. If required, new lines can be applied within 20 minutes of the removal of the old ones.

The second application where the SH8000 excels for the road marking industry, is in the rapid removal of single, continuous or long lines. By positioning the blasting heads in a front-to-back tandem position, continuous lines can be removed at nearly twice the speed as with a single blasting head. Also, on very thick thermoplastic lines, the double blasting heads can be uniquely configured for quick and efficient removal. You simply cannot find a more diverse and productive line removal system for the road marking industry.

The SH8000 also removes painted runway markings on grooved runway surfaces without causing damage. Runways markings on grooved runways are often difficult to remove without causing damage to the runway grooves. Sometimes, the runway markings only need a good cleaning, rejuvenating their reflectivity and extending their useful life. The SH8000 performs this task with remarkable speed and efficiency.

For airports, the SH8000 offers the highest, rubber removal rates in the industry without causing damage to grooved or smooth surface runways. Depending on the overall condition of the runway surface, and the amount of rubber deposit build-up, the SH8000 consistently achieves removal rates of up to 20,000 square feet per hour with only one truck and a single operator. No chemicals, no detergents, no brooms and no secondary vacuum trucks. With the immediate vacuum recovery, the runway is immediately available for emergency landings during the cleaning process.

When the SH8000 is equipped with the tractor mounted blasting system, the removal and cleanings applications are numerous both on the airfield and the landside. On the airfield, the tractor unit is ideal for the removal or cleaning of taxiway, apron, and gate markings. The removal of oil and hydraulic stains is likewise easily accomplished. And as with every Stripe Hog system, new markings can be re-applied 20 minutes after the removal process.

On the landside, the SH8000 with the optional tractor unit will remove or clean road markings, pedestrian markings, and car park markings. It can also be used for the simple cleaning of sidewalks. The SH8000 with the optional tractor unit is simply the most comprehensive, complete, and conveniently operated captive waterblasting system in the world.


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